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We need to make sure when the carrier violates the Agreement you get the proper

documentation, which includes documenting what happened on your working time slip

and retrieving the job histories from the computer.

Documentation is the most important part of a claim. It is best to get it at the time the

violation occurs. Get the information you need and keep it with your working trip slip until

you get your turndown, then send it all me (put in LC box at Salem Depot, Mail, Email,

etc.. It is the Organization's responsibility to prove the validity of each claim; this is best

done with work histories, proper FRA reporting etc.

Engineers can view the status of there claims by going to: and

entering GCA number and password (how do this is on the page).           

Appealing of Time Claims: I need....

1.A copy of your readout or a non-service claim that has been processed by

Timekeeping and show "normal" status. Once Timekeeping has reviewed and declined

clicking the on line print will print out the slip with a declination. Declinations in CMTS are

now the timeslip number less the last two digits. So in theory for rapid processing you

could print out a declined claim and I can process before you even have a paystub.

2.A copy of your time slip. (with penalty slip I will also need a copy of your working slip for

that trip if applicable)

3.A copy of all documentation you can get. (The more info the better) job history, board

standings, train list, track/yard list, bu's, bowl turnover, aei list, ect. We have the burden

of proof!!

You have 60 days to file a claim and we have 60 days to process that claim after it

has been denied by timekeeping. This is the date on your pay stub that you were paid.

The sooner you get the denial to me the better.

Sample Claims